Sell and Retain Material Ownership

Partner with Partnerships for Dentists and let us take care of the headaches of practice management. You can retain material ownership and participate in the benefits of added value and resources within a portfolio of practices.

Buy into a Practice Partnership

We believe in the partnership model, and so as we partner with selling dentists who may be retiring or otherwise transitioning out of the practice, there are attractive opportunities to be the new partner with us in that acquisition.

Sell Your Practice

Often, we partner with dentists that are nearing retirement or for other reasons desire to sell the entire practice. We can assist doctors who want to walk away or sell and remain an employee.

Partner on Multiple Practices

As we stabilize a partnership practice, we can work together to add additional practices under the clinical direction and oversight of strong dentists that are entrepreneurial and have good management capabilities.

Become an Associate With Us

We provide multiple opportunities for our associates. Once you are part of the Partnerships for Dentists family, you can choose the appropriate path for your stage of life or career, whether that is as an associate or growing into a partner with us.

Testimonials from our Partners

“I have seen all aspects of the “Practice of Dentistry” as well as the “Business of Dentistry” in my forty year career. I have owned practices, bought and sold them, merged them, managed and led them. I now have the opportunity to complete my life in dentistry by being a part of the P4D team. The practice I had recently been associating with was purchased by P4D in January of 2019. With their ownership, management and resources we have had the reins taken off of our office and off of us as doctors. Our practice has always emphasized quality dentistry to our patients but now the quality of management resources available with P4D matches our services to our community. We have been able to flourish beyond our past accomplishments. They have streamlined our operations and simplified decision making from the top down and the bottom up. We are very grateful to everyone at P4D for what they have done for us. This will truly be a very “Servant Oriented” relationship for all of us that will benefit the members of our community which we serve.”

-Chris Marlette, D.M.D.

"Earlier this year, our team at Heritage Dental abruptly and surprisingly discovered we were about to undergo some major changes. We had been acquired by P4D. As expected, I was overtaken by the fear of the unknown. Thus far, the transition has been so much smoother than I have ever anticipated. Fortunately, our practice had very successful systems already in place, but the knowledge and guidance provided Dr. Kerbel and Pam Draper have not only enhanced these systems but have taken them to next level. Unlike other organizations, the priority for P4D is providing quality care with the dentist keeping clinical autonomy. This is a Win-Win for all involved but most of all for our patients. We are now using high quality products and top- notch dental labs that make our job so much easier and much more efficient. Having practiced dentistry for over 22 years, I can honestly say that this is the happiest I have been for many years. I am proud to say I am part of the P4D team!!"

-Rich Potter, DDS

"Partnering with P4D makes dentistry more enjoyable. They run the daily management of the business that is crucial for the success of a dental practice which allows me to be focused on patient care. Together as partners, we are able to make the practice thrive in all aspects."

-Richard Ramirez, DDS

“Selling my practice to P4D and Dr. Ramirez has been an excellent decision. I have 6 more years until retirement and I LOVE working as a dentist 10 days per month with NONE of the headaches of managing the practice. P4D, Andy and Keith treated me well as the practice seller, and they have treated me well as an employee also.“

-Janet Glenn, DDS, MAGD

“Choosing to transition your practice is one of the biggest decisions most doctors will make and I could not be more pleased with my choice of Partnerships for Dentists for my practice. Their team has the expertise, care, and vision to allow the perfect transition tailored to meet your needs. I looked at several companies before choosing Partnerships for Dentists and from the first time we met they showed me how they were there to serve my practice and my patients in the way that I had always dreamed. They have exemplified what it means to practice servant leadership and they will do the same for you.”

-Gregory Allen Kerbel, DDS

“Being a P4D dentist is great! I can focus on what is important to me, providing the highest quality dental care for my patients. P4D works behind the scenes providing the office backbone, HR support, continuing education, and systems to run smoothly. They are working with the most current equipment and supplies and are able to focus on what matters most -diagnosing and providing excellent dental care for our patients!”

-Jean Sanders, DDS

Message From Our President and Chief Operating Officer

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